It’s so nice to have a shin pad that combines all of the features you need in one product.

Jorge Fernandez / Manchester

They are really comfortable and I don’t need to use tape to keep them in place.

Jordan Curry / Watford

The pads are lightweight and breathable so my muscles don’t get hot or trap moisture. They’re machine washable so I can wash them after games. 

Michael Dawes / Bournemouth

I like the fact that it protects more areas than one which benefits me as I am a defender and the fit around the calf is great.

Hayley Wright / Brighton

My daughter purchased the Protectors recently and after many battles on the field walked away unscathed and became the envy of her teammates.

Megan Foster / Swansea

The protective pieces are not heavy or bulky & easily fit into boots. You don’t feel like you’ve got layer on underneath your sock.

Dr Jonathan Pearce BSc (Hons) / Registered Osteopath